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Market Analysis

Market Analysis is the most Crucial Stage of the project where we segment each region and analyze first at mega level.

Then, we decide on the competitor projects; we analyze, the competitor project concept, pricing, marketing and sales strategies. This type of analysis Leads us to a clear plan of how to rise above the competition and create a successful project plan from the start.

Building Project Concept

Most of project success lies in the right concept; in which creativity plays an important rule.

Apro has great team of creative minds which have the ability to give the right answers for creating the Project Concept and building the project unique identity which makes the project concept standout from the rest of the market.

Customer Segmentation

The right customer segmentation helps in time and effort efficiency, in others words great results in short time.

Therefore it is important to have the right analysis and study for the targeted customers of the project. Apro has the capabilities for creating the right study to specify the targeted customers. And on when, why and how to target them for greater results.

Project Pricing

Pricing is balance of value proposition, market demand and cost; In Apro with great market…

awareness, we analyze these factors and bring it into harmony, with the right project projection and profit plan we analyze each unit by its own with the help of the country’s best evaluation companies we create the best price that suits the projected value and project plan.

Building Payment Plans

Payment plans and discount rates are studied with the finance team of the project.

We analyze the available banking loan systems along with the project Cost and revenue analysis; we propose the best payment plans which suits our customers the best with great awareness of profit growth plan.

Analyzing Profit Growth

After Project pricing, we analyze the profit growth which is the most important segment for the project developer.

To meet the developer expectations, we analyze the project; construction lifetime, market analysis and Profit expectation. Balancing the cost flow, and project lifetime we create the most satisfying and efficient profit growth plan.

Interior Architecture Concept Designing

Apro has a team with great architecture background with experience in architecture and interior architecture design.

This designing stage plays a big rule in the sales stage of the project and value proposition. Especially Sample apartment and sales office design are crucial for the project which play a significant rule in sales closure stage because it acts as an important marketing element. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced team who has cost and profit awareness at the same time. This will create the important elements for project sales success and customer satisfaction.

Building Marketing Plan

Marketing plan should be flexible according to continuous market analyses…

we believe in ever changing market trends therefore our team is always updated on the new strategies and marketing plans that works for the right targeted customers in the right time. Our Planning starts with specifying the marketing channels, targeted customers and the right campaign concept to achieve the best results in the most efficient way.

Managing Social Media Platforms

Apro is always up to date, we always analyze new trends, new innovative plans and strategies.

Today social media is the most powerful tool to reach customers, business partners and deliver the right message. Social media platforms is often judged as the company identity where it is very important to have the right social media page concept and posting strategies. In addition Social media is starting to replace Tv advertisement; therefore Apro has a trained team for managing the company social media accounts and advertisement strategies with tested tools and up to date strategies.

Managing Fair Platforms

Apro manages exhibitions and fair platform locally and internationally

This is part of the marketing strategy, it is important to exhibit our projects in the right place and right time to broaden our business collaborations with solution partners and customers. We analyze the fair concept, the fair dates and targeted customers, and then start planning. On the planning stage we decide on the fair concept for our project, design the stand by studying the flow and circulation in the fair, specify the showcased campaign and offers, and most importantly managing sales closure tools on the stand.

Specifying Sales Strategy

Apro with great market experience we are able to design the right sales strategy that suites the project concept and market demand

Sales strategy is planned after analyzing presentation strategy, telling the right story strategy, team planning, payment plans and discounts strategies. Sales strategy is the most sensitive stage, because it will lead to direct contact with the customer and sales closure stage that’s why we take great care of this stage.

Sales Team Training

Any plan without a trained talented team barely worked, In Apro we have a training program for the sales team

We first start with the right team planning and setting the team chart. We continue with daily training and analyzing case studies, and then we start the testing stage before we start any actual real life testing. This allows us to segment each team member strengths and weaknesses and elaborate on that. By the end of this stage the result is highly skilled team that is ready to work and achieve high targets.

B-B Business Collaborations Management

Apro has more than 3,500 solution partners, which keeps increasing everyday

. Real Estate agencies helps us reach more leads and, with great marketing strategies proposed from our side we along with real estate agents are able to reach the right customers and magnify the efforts to reach the most efficient number of leads possible. With very well studied Follow up strategies we are able to manage this big number of solution partners and support them with the right materials to promote our project.

Sales Closure

Sales Closure requires high level of professionality and big knowledge in customer relationship management.

Apro with its trained team have always achieved high sales closure rate, we have talented team with experience that is capable to close any deal smoothly. Understanding the customer need play a big role in finding the right investment, however along with our solutions partners we are able to offer the best plan and investment value the customer is seeking for.

After Sales Services

After sales services from contract preparation, letter of attorney preparation…

title deed preparation, registration services, translation services, attorney services, turkish citizenship services and apartment delivery. In Apro, our team takes great care of this stage which determines and sales success.

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