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Market Analysis

Market Analysis is the most Crucial Stage of the project where we segment each region and analyze first at mega level. 

Then, we decide on the competitor projects; we analyze the competitor project concept, pricing, marketing and sales strategies. This type of analysis Leads us to a clear plan of how to rise above the competition and create a successful project plan from the start.

Building Project Concept

Most of the project success lies in the right concept; in which creativity plays an important rule. 

Apro has great team of creative minds which have the ability to give the right answers for creating the Project Concept and building the project unique identity which makes the project concept standout from the rest of the market.

Competitors Analysis

Hospitality sector is a complex and sensitive market, and having the right study from the beginning makes any Project rise above competition.

Therefore, we analyze the neighboring hotels and hotel apartment projects after we analyze the market at mega level. It helps us be more guided and specific on the right concept to guarantee the Project success.

Specifying Customer Segmentation

The right customer segmentation helps in time and effort efficiency, in others words great results in a short time. 

Therefore it is important to have the right analysis and study for the targeted customers of the project. Apro has the capabilities for creating the right study to specify the targeted customers. And on when, why and how to target them for greater results.

Project Pricing

Pricing is balance of value proposition, market demand and cost; In Apro with great market…

awareness, we analyze these factors and bring it into harmony, with the right project projection and profit plan we analyze each unit by its own with the help of the country’s best evaluation companies we create the best price that suits the projected value and project plan.

Seasonal Prices Analysis

Since tourism most of the time is affected with the season, we divide our analyzes into 4 seasons, and then into monthly analyses.

And we calculate every season and every month rate according to the market rates, and expectations and then we adapt it to our Project seasonal prices analyses. This gives us a clear understanding on how to price our Project and decide on the rates correctly on each time period.

Cost Analysis

Starting a Hotel Project or Hotel Apartment project should have a detailed cost chart.

In Apro we have the right people to analyze and study the cost plan for the Project according to the right Project concept plan and expected provided values. Our job plays an important role in this segment where all study details are important for the right Project execution plan.

Risk Analysis

Every investment carries a certain risk with it, our job in Apro is to secure the investor and investor benefits. 


Therefore; we carry a detailed risk analysis with respect to our market experience and previous knowledge and expected future risks. With the right study we minimize and get great awareness of possible risks, and we create adapting plans for any future risks that may affect the investment value and ROI.

Occupancy Ratio Analysis

Along with the right market analyzes and seasonal prices analyses to complete a successful plan we carry out with the occupancy ratio analysis.

This is an important stage whşch has to be balanced with the price’s analyses. Every season and every period the occupancy ratio is different, and we use this analysis to have the most precise project and profit analysis.

Profit Growth Analysis

After analyzing the Project cost, pricing, and risks we analyze the profit growth which is the most important segment for the project developer. 

To meet the developer expectations, we analyze the project; construction lifetime, market analysis and Profit expectation. Balancing the cost flow, and project lifetime we create the most satisfying and efficient profit growth plan.

Project Management

With Project completion we also carry out the on-ground execution and the hotel and hotel apartment management services.

In Apro we have an experienced team that can support the investor with the right management plan and daily activities to implement every step that was previously studied and planned for secure results with the right reporting system.

Marketting Management

Marketing plans should be flexible according to continuous market analyses, we believe in ever changing market trends therefore our team is always updated on the new strategies and marketing plans that work for the right targeted customers at the right time. 

Our Planning starts with specifying the marketing channels, targeted customers and the right campaign concept to achieve the best results in the most efficient way.

B-B Business Collaborations Management

Apro has more than 1,500 solution partners in the tourism sector, which keeps increasing every day. tourism agencies help us reach more leads and, with great marketing strategies proposed from our side we along with tourism agents are able to reach the right customers and magnify the efforts to reach the most efficient number of leads possible. 

With very well studied Follow up strategies we are able to manage this big number of solution partners and support them with the right materials to promote our project.

Costumer Services

Meeting the need and the desire of the customer is Apro’s forever motto.

Therefore, we take great care of our execution plans and management skills to give the best services for our customers. We have a great number of satisfied customers and we have achieved high ratings approved globally on our previously managed hotels and hotel apartment projects.

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